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Adenomyosis and I'm 19!

I am really scared. I am 19 and have had my second surgery (lap) to be told that the Endo isn't too bad but that the Adenomyosis has grown. What do I do????? Gynie is talking Zolodex but is telling me she is not sure as she normally treats menopausal women. I also have had a mirena insertion. I want kids and don't want hysterecomy. Please help - I am desperate. Can Adenomysis and its growing stop me having babies? :(


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Hi Lauren

My name's Hollie, I'm 24 and have adenomyosis.

My specialist has been a bit rubbish at explaining it but from what I've read our chances of conceiving are normal but there is a higher risk of miscarriage or premature birth because our womb is not as stretchy from all the stuff inside its walls.

I spoke to my friend who's a midwife and she said she's delivered loads of babies with women with adenomyosis, they flag us as higher risk so we have more check ups, and are monitored more closely.

They won't give you a hysterectomy.

Are you being seen by a endo/adeno specialist? Might be worth checking and seeing if you can get referred to one if not. There's a lady called Lindle on here, if you click onto her profile she has a link to all the registered specialists.

I hope that helps, here if you if ever need a chat,

Hollie x


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