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Is it endometriosis!!

Hi ladies!! I have been back and forward to the docs for the past couple of years with pain in my back and lower abdomen, i also have a persistant pain in my right shoulder blade and the pain is in my hips and right down my legs, eventually got sent to the gynae. Had my first app in February and all he said to me was, your symptoms sound like ibs, come back to me in 4 months!! I am currently taking my medication but im not sure it is ibs as i have been in constant pain since December. Just want to know, with endo are you in pain everyday, like period cramps and is it more severe during ovulation and your periods?? I also feel really sick alot aswell and bloated and tired and i just cant take the pain anymore, i feel as if i am waiting forever for my next app which is in June, should i suggest to my gynae that i think it is endo??

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I dont have pain every day but def most days x id suggest endo to your gynae! No harm mentioning it xx


Hi - apart from being 'in the head', IBS and chronic fatigue syndrome are the most common misdiagnoses for endo. It really is pretty hopeless that a gynaecologist would feel qualified to diagnose IBS on the grounds of hip and leg pain!

Let's look at the positives. So far no one has looked in your pelvis and in particular no one who would not be sufficiently experienced to diagnose endo properly. If you had suggested it to your GP the chances are he would have had the same unspecialised general gynaecologist look inside you with a diagnosis of IBS already in his head.

Click on my user name and have a look at my post on endo and its many symptoms to see how you identify with them. Take a little time writing down your history and symptoms of endo so you have it all to hand when you do go to your GP. Then look at my post on finding a specialist in endo and read the links at the bottom regarding your right to a second opinion. Then go to your GP with a copy of the list of endo specailists, tell him/her all your symptoms and say that you do not accept the IBS diagnosis and want a referral to an endo specialist. If he wants to send you to a local general gynae tell him/her that you must see a specialist in the condition you want investigating. x


I was told my pain was IBS without them doing any investigations my pain was constant I wasvtold by gynae Dr that as I was 43 and had never had period pains or heavy periods it wasn't gynae pain and discharged. I ended up paying for lap and there was cyst severe endo also on bowel and bladder and adhesions. It also turned out that the Dr who discharged me was endo specialist for North west! To be fair my periods were light my tummy was flat I just had pelvic pain tiredness and dizzy spells and severe low blood pressure also lost stone in weight as my appetite just went - I am now pain free after rad hysterectomy excision of endo bowel and bladder and adhesions sorted fingers crossed it stays that way and best of luck to you with getting sorted and being pain free x


Hi, thank you for your response. I did have a pelvic ultrasound done which they said was fine but no other investigation and i even took myself round to A&E on Tuesday as i work in the outpatient department as a domestic cleaner. I went there in the hope they would do more tests but because my ultrasound was fine and the doc read my notes saying it was ibs she just told me u have ibs go home and take your meds, take note of what you eat blah blah. So i ended up foning in sick because i cant take the pain and nausea anymore, at the moment i feel as if i am about to take a period but i know i wont because im not due until a week on wednesday. I think i will try and see my gp tomorrow and see what she thinks about maybe having endo, its the waiting about for my next gynae appointment that gets me so mad. I hope you stay pain free, good luck x


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