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Endometriosis and breastfeeding - no periods but endo type pain? Possible?


I'm hoping for some advice

I had severe endo and had ivf to have my little boy who is 18 months old

I am still breastfeeding him and no periods however I am ovulating the last couple months, but although milder I'm sure I have some of my endo synotoms back (pain, sickness, painful bowel movement, painful sex even when not ovulating etc)

Is it possible even though my hormone levels are all over the place due to breastfeeding for the endo still to thrive?

I'm just a bit worried as I also had cin 3 removed and awaiting on another appointment as some other symptoms cross with what I felt then so they don't know which it is (if any) but the Dr wasn't sure what my endo would do as it should be suppressed when pregnant and breastfeeding apparently but she wasn't sure

Thanks x

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Even women without endo get to a point in breastfeeding when it starts switching back on, not all at once but certain hormones switch on again. If you are ovulating then you are producing oestrogen again and so endo can grow again. It is 'suppressed' but its waking up again and we don't need much oestrogen to make endo grow. You could try progesterone only contraceptives like the implant to see if it makes a difference. I got no rest, periods were back 3 weeks post labour. Xxx


Thanks endo pains

I thought that may we'll be the case, im very lucky that I've had this break from it all I know

Sorry you didn't that really sucks i can't imagine endo with a new born x


Newborn is the only word that matters. Super excited for baby number two. So much easier second time around endowise :) any chance for you? X


Hi,I had endo pain and symptoms while I was pregnant and breastfeeding for almost 1 year after giving birth but symptoms ease after I had stopped breastfeeding.I had various treatments for the pain all herbal and felt better but now struggle again with the pain but not as bad as before.Is all manageable but thinking to have treatment again.

Hope you find answer and start feeling normal again.xx


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