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Have I got endometriosis?

When I was a teenager I suffered badly with periods so was put on the pill, which I carried on taking for a long time, I then came off the pill when I wanted to try for a baby, it took a long time but eventually I fell pregnant and had my first child in 2013 which I am so grateful for , I never went back in On the pill as I wanted eventually to have more children anyway and as it took so long the first time I wasn't bothered, Anyway..after having my son my periods started getting worse and worse which I knew they would ..but not this bad. When I start my periods I not only have the usual period cramps but I also have cramping in my bowel ( like as if I'm going to have dihorea) , which makes me go to the toilet quite a lot. But nothing happens, I get intense crippling pains ( to the point where I have to stop what I'm doing) and all that comes out is mucas with threads of blood in it, ( from rectum) this can go on for about 2-3 days and then eventually ends like a normal period we've been trying for over a year now, I did fall pregnant in November of last year but unfortunately miscarried. I dread every month now is this normal???. I have been to the doctors and he has said it sounds like irritable bowel syndrome and the test took from the mucas indicates that. So he's just left it as that really....I just don't understand how it only happens when I'm on my period? .. I decided to ask for advice on here as everytime I type my symptoms on computer this comes up! And also when I went to hospital with miscarriage the doctor suggested I'd go back to doctors and ask about testing for endometriosis. Which I did but It's got to the point now tho that i feel I'm wasting doctors time and he keeps giving me different pills like buscopan??? Should I go for second opinion with a woman doctor perhaps or just admit defeat and carry on x

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