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Growing back?

I started my period when I was 11 and have had symptoms of endo pretty much since then. It took me countless doctors and 2 visits to the gyno to be taken seriously and it wasn't until November 2013 that i had a lab and was diagnosed with mild endo. I am now 19. Although mild I was in debilitating pain throughout all my time at school and college and throwing up constantly and whilst the pain did subside considerably since the lab I seem to be showing symptoms again. However, these symptoms seem to be different - the pain isn't as bad as it used to be but is there and affects my day to day life in a similar place to where it was last time, I am also constantly tired and my hormones seem really off balance - hardly a day goes past without me crying. I am tri-cycling mycrogynon 30 and my symptoms seem worst when my period would normally be but for the pill. I don't know if I am just making a fuss about nothing and I don't want to give the drs and my gyno a reason to doubt me again, especially as I have moved away from home for uni so they are not drs I have spoken to before. Has anyone gone through anything similar or have any idea what I can do?

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I'm so sorry to hear you are going through so much - I thought I'd write a quick reply as there were several things in your email that reminded me so much of what I went through too.

I was put on Mycrogynon as well to begin with, and spent all the time either crying or biting people's heads off!! I thought I was loosing my mind! Turned out that the hormone levels in Mycrogynon just really didn't suit me - I stopped taking it and it was like a cloud lifted. I was lucky and found a GP that was willing to look at different pills (and there are so so many - she had a thick book of all the different ones, and the varying hormone levels in each). I've now tried lots of different ones, and some helped my pain more than others, some gave me headaches, and others made me depressed... It's incredible the effect that a tiny amount of hormones can have on you! In the end I couldn't really find one that I could take long term that suited me (dianette was the best for me for a while, but you aren't supposed to take that one long term), but everyone is different - talk to your GP, ask if you can try something else.

I'm sure you aren't making a fuss about nothing, and I know it's hard because some people and doctors make you feel that you are. It doesn't make any difference if you have one spot of endo or are covered in adhesions - it can have no relation to the pain you suffer. Everyone is different, and you know how much pain you are in, and that is a very real and awful thing to deal with. "Mild" endo does not mean the symptoms are mild - they can be just as awful as someone with "severe" endo!

Wishing you all the best luck in getting it all sorted out - stay strong and believe in yourself :-)



I can totally relate to everything you've said and i am on microgynon 30 i can flip at any point wheter it be anger or just burst into tears mine mainly is when i should be having my break as i run packs back to back , the only problem i have is every other pill i have tried have made me sick /ill so although this is pretty annoying symptoms im afraid of changing but i would recommend speaking to your doctor because there might be a pill better suited to you, all the best


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