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MRI for Endo whilst menstruating

Hello Ladies, I only have Endo symptoms during and around my period. I have now had numerous tests all when I haven't been on. Finally they have listened to me and I will have further investigation whilst actually on. But wondered if anyone has had MRI for Endo could answer me a couple of questions. Did you go all the way in the scanner? (I had one to investigate spinal issues years ago, was all the way in and found it horrendous, like being in a coffin alive!) Would you wear a tampon for the scan?

Sorry if I am sounding like a numpty I am only a few months in to my endo journey!

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Unless your endo is so horrifically attached to everything, they won't see endo on mri or catscans. They don't see it on ultrasounds either. HOWEVER, they might see something else that could be wrong while using these tools, and it's a nice elimination process. I am pretty sure you can wear tampons, you can just call up to the place you are getting it done and ask them. And as for having your period while having these tests....personally i think it's a good thing, especially when having the ultrasounds. I ALWAYS had "free fluid" and it was always marked as "check for ectopic pregnancy". Ummm, never had sex, how can i be possibly pregnant?!! Knowing what I know now, that should have been a bit of a red flag for the doctors. :/


Hi. Endo cannot be seen on ultrasounds unless you have chocolate cysts, in which case they are easily diagnosed. However, if you have them then you are already at stage 3 or 4. If your GP or consultant knows this and orders a detailed MRI, then it is effective in diagnosing endo. My MRI was in three parts and the report afterwards was lengthy! It found all of my endo.

As for the MRI itself, I was so nervous as I am incredibly claustrophobic. I had to have a cannula in my arm for buscapan and the contrast dye. When they told me this I properly sobbed like a baby!! To be honest, that was the worst part. I had a heavy plate placed on my tummy and I could not move. But I did not go all the way in to the scanner. My head was an inch from the top? You will probably have buscapan which makes your sight go a bit blurry. I found that a bit off putting, but the weird feeling passed after a minute or so.

I can't wear tampons, they hurt too much. But I would say that you should really wear a sanitary towel any way. Good luck. X


My MRI scans I've had I went feet first all the way in but head was literally at the entrance of the scanner so wasn't too bad.as for tampon I'm sure this would be ok u are not a numpty at all for asking you've started a journey and it's daunting

All the best with scan...



There are MRI Machines that are open - specially built for claustrofobics etc. They are not very common.

I had regular MRI pelvis showing nothing. I just did the Endo MRI showing adhesions and bowels placed in the wrong way. If you have a skilled radiologist it makes a difference too. Some radiologists pick up free fluid in the POD and at the same time others do not find this on an identical scan done at the same time (just an example in my history of investigating).


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