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Found no endo after seconded lap

I've had a lap last year and they found my overias stuck together and loads of ahdison been back had another op yesterday as they where shore I had it and it was hiding but they said there

Was nothing I'm I really don't know what I got anyone know what it could be I have painful sex heavy bleeding sometime 3 wks

at a time stomach pain and pains in my legs

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Hiya, have you heard of Adenomyosis? May be worth asking about x


Thanks will asks


I'm in the process of fighting for a 2nd lap and worry that they wont find anything too. I have all the "endo symptoms" and problems with my bowels but still think god what if they don't find anything?! As Elwood said Adeno?


It's horrible I been like this for years I really don't know what to do anymore it's seems like they don't care but there's got to be a reson for this pain I hope u get some good news if they give u another op I really do xxx


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