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I hope I have endo, is that strang

I'm waiting for my date for a laposcopy, I'm finding myself hoping it is actually endo, is this strang, I've been for various scans tests ect, and nothing has shown up anywhere, I just want my life back to normal, normal for me is before the pains started up about a year ago, but before that I was still experiencing aches and pains here and there, that would be an ok normal for me, I just keep thinking, what if they don't find anything, then what, I'm also worried about people not believing me,

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Hey there, I understand you feeling that way. Endo is a secret disease, (Sshh)! hides its weapons of devastation on scans, apart from revealing endo cysts which are often an indication.

Like you, couldn't wait for confirmation of all the pains and symptoms that I had, although I pretty much had an answer from the off, when the endometrial cysts appeared on the scan-then confirmed diagnosis after the operation and the web off mess it made inside of me..

I'm telling you now, its really not something I would wish for you, or on any woman! Though varying levels and degrees of it, generally it just knocks the stuffing out of you, not just physically but psychologically aswell and still feeling like you ought to justify your pain. I'm coming to terms with this, with only 4 months on after my procedure and had about 2 months relief, now back @ square 1 with pain and symptoms again, which is discouraging and hits you like a ton of bricks after the realisation that this could be a long term battle.

So for you, as much as wanting an answer, I really hold out hope that it isn't endo and something else that can be resolved there and then. Its hard, but try to keep an open mind, then face it head on once you have answers..and whilst wanting to 'shout loud' that your pain is for a valid reason, I wouldn't worry about what others believe, you've got nothing to prove, this is about getting better and feeling well again and hopefully your family are on your side on that.

Wishing the best x


Thank you for your reply, I no what your saying, I'm just so fed up with everyone saying it's all clear, I no there must be something wrong. Xxx


I totally get what you are saying. Each time I've gone for a lap I hope they find something to explain my pain. I think as women we fight so hard to get some one to take us seriously that for them to find nothing would put you back to the beginning. It's not that you wish u had endo, it's just that you want someone to take away the pain and least if they fine something then they might be able to do something.


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