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Pain again

Really fed up started my monthlys Tuesday and have been in agony again . So fed up of this . I have started the cerelle mini pill in the hope it stops my periods altogether, only taken 2 pills so far so I will have to wait and see . I wished I did not have to be at work at this time of the month . Anyone else feel like they are the only one in the work place that feels like shit and count down the minute's till I can go home shower and rest on sofa . Feeling sorry for myself 2 day will kick myself up ass,but just want to feel normal. Angry Friday x

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I always feel like this when I have my period and I have to work. The pain killers I take make me feel sick and dizzy too but I can't cope with the pain without them. I keep a heat pad on my tummy at my desk and take a nap in my car at lunchtime!

I spoke to my boss as it was very difficult to work when I had my period. Also the painkillers I take make me drowsey and I don't want to risk driving while taking them. He suggested I could work from home when I'm bad which is great as I can stay in my PJ's one the sofa but have my laptop and mobile to stay in touch with work. If this isn't an option for you could you agree a flexible working arrangement? E.g. make up the hrs you miss when your pain is bad on another day?

It's really crap having to try to function normally when your pain is so bad. I know how you feel and it sucks! I end up hoping my period falls on a weekend so I can just stay at home and mope :-(

I hope the pill works for you. It's not an option for me as I'm TTC. xx


Thank you for your response. It's nice to know I am not alone . The flexible working rota is a good idea . I will discuss this with my manager. Hope your monthlys get better x


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