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Endo and bladder weakness


I have had cysts removed from ovaries twice now and no longer suffer from any abdominal pain, thankfully, but over the past four years have had increasing problems with bladder control. I now have to use pads every day in case of accidents and any movement that engages my abdominal muscles leads to leaks.

Has anyone else experienced this type of symptom with Endo?

I'm going back to my gp again but just wondered if my bladder weakness is because of Endo.

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It may well be, I've been having the same problem for a year or so, I see a urologist and have currently been having treatment straight into the bladder that they're hoping will solve the problem. Definitely speak to your gp and get them to refer you as it's such a miserable thing to put up with



Thanks, have seen GP who has agreed to refer. Have nos got fingers crossed, instead of just legs!


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