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Adhesions and endo

Hi, I had my laposcopy yesterday and they found not active endometriosis this time around (always find a little usually in my pouch of Douglas).this time they said my Bowel had stuck to my abdominal wall and they unstuck it. I asked what had caused it and they said endo even though they found none I have been on zoladex for the last 6 months could that have helped get rid of it or were there none to begin with? I wanted to know if anyone else had this, what their symptoms were and if it came back? Hugs to all xxx

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Hi there. I had exactly the same, Lots of pain etc. had laparoscopy in 2011 after years of pain to unbearable pain weeks before surgery they found in-active endo on my PoD and adhesions had stuck my bowel and falopian tubes to my abdominal wall.

They removed endo and in-stuck every thing. The pain stopped but slowly returned. I am currently now waiting for date for 2nd Lap to see whats going on again. Endo can cause adhesions but not really sure what happened there if they didn't find any other than the inactive bit. Have you had surgery previous to yesterday's?

Sorry for not being much help

Zoe xx


There is no such thing as "non active Endo!" you either have it or you don't!! Some doctors are saying things like that when they don't have enough knowledge about Endo!! I would suggest you try and see a Gynae who specialises in Endo.


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