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Conceiving Naturally with Endo/Fertility Issues

Hi I have been recently diagnosed with mild endometriosis, a blocked left fallopian tube and a cyst on my right ovary. My husband received tests results that showed he has low sperm motility and low morphology. I just wondered if anyone has managed to conceive naturally with similar problems? or if anyone has had successful fertility treatments and what they were? We are currently on a waiting list for the Fertility Clinic but any advice or information anybody has would be great. Thanks

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Hi Linziel

I am a great believer in never say never. Many people have conceived when they have been told it is unlikely including my sister-in-law. When the medical profession have told you unlikely then my feeling is it is time for complementary things. Diet, reiki, mindfulness and visualisation. I will be writing my intention letter for 2015 next week when all the hubbub of Christmas calms down, something I have learnt through my Sophrology studies. It is important to be specific though eg. Next year I will adopt a cat, he will be black with green eyes and a white spot on his belly. My other cats will accept him.......

I hope this helps but it may seem like mumbo jumbo but you have nothing to lose by trying and believing. Dr Wayne Dyer has an interesting book about this that I am also reading now The Power of Intention, learning to Co create your world your way.

Big hugs

Jen xx


My friend had endo and her husband a low sperm count. They tried for two years and after tests said she wasn't ovulating enough for IVF to go ahead. They had given up. Went on holiday to Rome, relaxed, forgot about being pregnant and she is now 18 weeks pregnant. I am currently in the same boot with endo and trying but to relaxing is hard when u want something so bad and life is stressful anyway x


Hey! I have endo in my right tube but it isn't blocked & had 2 chocolate cysts removed by lap from my left ovary in April. My issue for the last year has been no ovulation. We don't know if this was caused by the endo or not but I had to have blood tests to check my hormone levels & eventually I was put on Clomid which has been making me ovulate. Each month my results get better & better - I feel like a school child passing a test!! I'm got 2 more months of this & then it will be IVF. I'm not writing that to scare you but just for you to know that there are lots of things that can be done to help you.

Rainbow dream is right to tell you to be as healthy as you can both physically & emotionally whilst TTC as stress can have a huge impact on your fertility. Trying to remain calm is definitely easier said than done on this journey though!!

Take care & let us know how you get on. C Xx


Thank you ladies! Definitely trying to relax and stay calm and just enjoy our time together at the moment. Our next set of tests for my husband are at the end of January and then they will make a decision on IVF. Keeping fingers crossed that it may happen naturally before then.



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