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APS stroke

Hi back on here not been on for a bit i when tin to hospital last Wednesday.woke up at 7am with a pain left side of my head then my face was numb I could not feel or lift my left leg up my eyes was bluer could not see right I work my husband up he phoned the doctor then the doctor phoned me back I told her wot had happened she aske me to try get down to the doctors for 11 if I could if not phone her back. My husband got me up and washed and dressed me got me down stairs and it to the car down to the doctors she took me in as soon as I got there cheqed me over phoned the hospital she was not sore if I was having anther stroke again or wot was going on but the hospital sed that my husband had to take my to the hospital and tell them wits going on not to tell them that I had been to doctors as it would slow it up any I got there told them wot had gone on they did bloods sent me for a CT scan and MRI scan had the strok team comedown to see me put me on the ocuwte ward can not spell right next to the bed my brother had passed away in January so asked them if they can keep the curtaines closed they did then after 1 day they moved me just next door all staff and doctors was so nice any way doctors came to look at me sed they was no sings of a stroke so did not think I had one silly but they sed all the singes of one but not showing on the CT or MRI scan so need to do test I can not still use my leg so OC came down and sed they wanted to put me in a care home for6 weeks rehab I sed no way I am only 53 sorry I have work 10 years in homes I am not going in one I know that sound bad but no so they send ok we can not make u so they give me 2 simmers and a stick to use and was getting some one to put some hand rails up posts on Tuesday but we not had no phone call to say they was coming yet sorry will go back to it so the doctor on Friday sed I can not go home cos they need to do more test I sed I would live in my bed room till they put rails up and my husband going back to work on Wednesday the OC sed that would be ok if doctors say yes that I would be safe so doctors say noi was not happy but was think only a few more day I sould be home then rails will be in place for me to get up and down stairs then next day on call doctor come round and looked at me say u can go home I sed the doctor sed yesterday that I can not go home cos stuff are not in place for me he sed how did u get down the stair and up them i sed on my bum and I have crawelld up the stair for last 7 month he sed well you can do that now get in to the real world I sed I would have done this on Friday he was so rude he got up to go and shock my hand sed ok I sed no cos one doctor say one think then u say other think wot am I ment to think wots up with me just after I got upset and cried cos I did not know wot was going on he all sed I could go home with my husband I sed the OC send that can only go in a ambulance and they had to take me up stair to my bed room so I would be safe he sed y so OC came I told them I was going home with my husband she sed no I going to see that doctor so she did and they got me transport to come home I am so fed up of been up stairs now if they don't come to put the rails up tomorrow I will be going down stair just going to be a bit scared when my husband goes to work on Wednesday.sorry for the rant over my make me feel better for it all the best Lesley 61 happy Xmas to u all xx

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I think you may have posted on the wrong thread? This is Endometriosis UK.

Anyway best wishes to you and take care xxx


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