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Raise the profile of this disease by voting for Carol Pearson in the Guardian TODAY for charity Trustee for the Year. 3.5 hours left to vote

Hi All. Carol Pearson needs your votes today. She is Trustee of Endo UK and has done an incredible amount for the charity. She is a fellow sufferer and has had multiple (I think 9, 10 or more surgeries) for her severe endometriosis.

You can vote here and she is currently in 2nd place, less than 12 hours to vote on the Guardian newspaper. As a community of fellow sufferers, we can raise the profile of Endometriosis and try to fight the shadow of ignorance that seems to follow this disease - by voting for Carol it will really help raise the profile of the disease.


And here is her TED talk for those who have not seen it.

Thanks ladies.

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Come on ladies, it's not too late to vote tonight - pretty please xxx

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