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post birth

hi all. I had a baby 3 weeks ago. I was wondering what treatment would be available to stop the growth coming back. I would prefer not the pill. I was previously on the decapeptyl injection for 9 months before I conceived. I had the best pregnancy I had never felt so well. I am starting to get twinges of pain already, nor sure if this is endo but want to try and nip it in the bud before it becomes to much again. Thanks in advance. x

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Well I was told breastfeeding was what I had to do to keep it away. This hasn't worked for me but it should work. They then put me on the mini pill but forget that hell. I've done it before and bleeding every day I'm on it as well as pmt and endo pains everyday I gave up after 4 weeks. I do think that breastfeeding has been the best thing to slow it down that I've ever done though :) good luck and congratulations!! X


Some of the drugs are NOT breast feeding safe - Decapeptyl for instance - so do check with your GP what options you can use while breast feeding and what you might want to try after that phase is over and the baby is weaned on to solids.

Breast feeding should hold the endo at bay for a while - but it won't last forever. As soon as you start ovulating and have a period then the endo can be active again and that's when you should be looking to stop having periods so often by taking back to bck pill pcks or something more long term - like the coil or arm implants.


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