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I had an ablation on 4 July under GA balloon method - had bad cramping and terrible bloating for first couple of weeks and yellowish discharge for 2/3 weeks. Not too bad I thought fingers crossed. Then my day of my period arrived on 30 July - I had experienced pmt and sore boobs etc on the run up to it as usual but was prepared for that. What I wasn't prepared for was a 17 day period! So I thought ok fine it's the first one - 7 days later and I'm back on again!!

Admittedly it's not heavy but still totally not what I was expecting.

It's also very yellow!! Any one else had this? If so how long did this go on for??

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Hello tattyn,

The fact that its yellow makes me think you have an infection of some kind. I have had 5 laps and have never had a yellow discharge. So as soon as you can I would get to your doctors or if the pain gets worse or the discharge gets worse go and get checked out at your local walk in centre or a&e seeing as it's a bank holiday.

Please let me know how you get on?

Love Victoria xx


I had rollerball ablation at age 51 with ballon method and removal of a submucous fibroid at the same time. I did not have a yellow discharge afterwards - that may be infection - best see your GP asap. However, it did not cure the monthly bleeding & pain. I was very gutted too. When I spoke to the consultant afterwards all he said was "a few women do still bleed for unknown reasons". I am 55 now. 2 wks ago I had a laparoscopy (my bleeding went on for 4 years unchecked by my GP) and old endometriosis was found and the womb linining had grown back. Granted i have taken HRT since age 53 but that does not account for the bleeding that took place age 51 to age 53. The consultant had no answers to my questions but said no more HRT and see again in November. So ablation may or may not cure your bleeding. It's too early to tell at this stage. You need checking for infection though. I got a watery brown discharge after my ablation for 2 weeks - apparently normal.


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