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Any advice on an induced menopause?!

Just a little curious as what to expect from an induced menopause?! I've read that it's quite a common treatment for endometriosis, but without sounding ignorant it seems to be mainly women older than myself as I'm only 22 and without children as yet, with stage IV endo several large cysts on both ovaries and a 15cm endometrioma on my womb dislodging a lot of my insides. the thought of it is a little scarey as silly as it sounds... How lucky are we that we get to experience this lovely milestone twice in our lives lol!! I'll be put on the menopause after my op which is 16th September. Eek!

Hoping for some friendly advise :) xx

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Hi. I just turned 27. For many reasons i decided to go on Zoladex, one of the Menopause drugs. Im in week 3. I have noticed i am emotional, but I was before-- ive had 2 headaches -- which i usually get a headache once and a while. I am warm- this is new, i am usually always cold. The only difference is I have had a bout of Anger over absolutely nothing that I could not control. Once I go through a new symptom I am aware of what is happening-- i feel mad that I am going through all this but then I remember that 1) I have virtually zero pain :) and 2) this is a disease-- this is the option i chose and I am going to make the best of it. Weither i am moody or angry-- the endo is still going to be there!! So I try my best to stay aware of my behaviour and if I notice I am being moody I just quiet myself down and excuse myself from stressful situations until I am calm again. But like I was saying before with the headaches and emotionalism- these are comman symptoms of just being human. My opinion is you have to do what you want to do. I have had one maybe 3 hr pain experience in 3 weeks compared to litterally pain 24/7. I have read alot of not so great things about the drug I am on and similar ones- but remember, everyone is different and every situation is different! The pain I was experiencing was ruining my life- social, work, sexual -- i refused to take pain killers as the constipation was unbearable with the endo around my bowel. From what I have read-- it seems yes, Women have some unpleasant side effects but many would chose that over the pain- I definately do!! Hope that helps :)


Thank you for your response!! Bless you I hope it all goes well, I appreciate any experience/advice whether good or bad, think it will help me prepare and for-warn those closest to me!! It's good you can recognise the symptoms with regards your mood and anger and try to passify it :) I think for my own well being it's probably the best option for me after my op to suppress the endo returning so soon to new scar tissue and what not. And like you said everyone is different! I'm not sure which medication I'll be on for the menopause think I need to do some research prior to my appointment with the specialist x


I am 23 and I am on my second course of menopause injections the first course didn't work I was still in so much pain and continues bleeding, then they put me on a pill for another 6 months but because that didn't work they decided to try the injections again, I'm on my second month and I'm no different ): having to wait until this is over to find out what the next step is. But like you are saying everyone is different, it could work for you for the 6 months. Hope it does work for you


I had my second injection of Lupron on Monday and haven't really had many side effects. I felt weepy and had a bit of sleeping problems the first week or so after, but that's gotten better. I haven't had any other side effects though. Everyone is different on this drug, so it's hard to tell how you will react.

I'm hoping it does some good, because I'm trying to avoid more cysts and fibroids. I was diagnosed with stage 4 last month while my doctor was removing 6 fibroids and 2 cysts. A complete shock to me and him as I haven't been having a lot of pain.

I wish you luck, and I hope you have a good experience.


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