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Hey all, I'm new here.

Just had my appointment with my consultant yesterday and were finally looking into the possibilities of me having endo.

Everything I've quickly read over in here fits with my symptoms. I was wondering if anyone could share there stories with the surgery. Quite worried about that... And any other pain management or diet stories...

Struggling this week.

And pretty miffed I have to wait until October to even get a diagnosis when I've been in pain pretty much all my pubescent life!!

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My first lap was in 2011 I felt discomfort for about a week and then was ok to move a bit more freely. I then had to have a second in 2012 and felt ok after about a day so I guess it just depends.

I have stopped having caffeine and reduced how much I drink to almost nothing. I've also reduced my sugar in taking and am trying to go gluten free. And I drink more water.

I only got diagnosed at 27 even though I had experienced very bad periods for almost 12 years.

Just not to worry you'll be fine, just think of how you'll feel once it's done and you're all recovered



I have waited ages for my lap. I had it last wednesday. I was pretty scared. It was much better than I expected. It's quick and much less painful than you imagine.



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