Why won't the pain stop and why doesn't the drs care?? :'(

I'm taking severdol 20mg 4x a day, gabapentin 200mg 3x a day, amitriptaline 70mg 3x a day and paracetamol 4x a day. I had my coil fitted April 22 and have had no pain up until 3 days ago and now I'm in agony :-( I'm on holiday and have to travel home tomorrow :-( how can I make this stop, why won't it go away!!! I'm on so much pain relife :-( please help :-( my gp just gives me more pills and my consultant has removed me from his service without much of an explanation or attempts to help :'( I'm 25 my life should be this rubbish :'( xx

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  • Oh my gosh I'm so sorry. Are you on holiday in the UK? Have you been given a laparoscopy?

  • If your on holiday and you have a good insurance they will see you out there and the service is much better than at home as they charge the insurance through the nose . X

  • Wow! you poor thing. Your doctor does sound rubbish.There is no way at your age you should be taking so much medication for pain, unless you had something serious. I would say change your doctor, and if you can afford it, get a full Bupa check up. Tell them everything. Your new doctor may send you for a scan/ ultrasound at the hospital, but in any case you really need to get your abdomen looked at by more than a GP.xx I hope this helps :)

  • That reply was for Jofus89 ( sorry, I replied in wrong box ) x

  • Hi everyone.

    I'm home now and walking with a stick because it hurts to move. I was on holiday in Scotland but I had to drive the hour to the airport and help carry my 2 year old god daughter when she was having terrible 2's tantrums!!!

    Iv had 2 laperoscopys, one to diagnose and one to excise although on the excision he said he couldn't find a single thing wrong and it's all in my head :-( it's my consultant that's the issue not my gp. Although I don't have a consultant anymore because he removed me from his service without so much as a follow up appointment after my lap!!

    I'm just fed up with being ignored and I'm fed up of the pains slowly slowly getting worse!!!

    Iv been in hospital abroad in France and Greece. Worst places iv ever been!!! X x

  • You must go to another hospital!

    Your gp can refer you to any hosp they think appropriate!

    Good luck & get well

    Soon. Xxx

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