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Is this a good sign?

Hi I was recently put on the contraceptive pill by my doc to take back to back for 3 months he doesn't think I have Endo but I have very low iron and he wanted me to have a break from bleeding and he said if the pain stops then it could mean the pain is somehow related to my cycle!! Well 3 weeks in and for the last two days my pain has gone I know it's quite early to see if it's totally gone but do you think that by the pill helping my pain it would make the doc take my Endo suggestion more seriously and stop him thinking it's something else I just want to go back and him have something positive to move forward with!

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Definitely a good sign as it proves it is cyclical .When I first started my periods and had severe pain and bleeding,I became anaemic but my GP insisted this was very common and just put me on the pill. He sais said it was stress,Ibs and anxiety,before my great improvement on the pill.Like you,after a month I had no periods and my pain disappeared.Definitely now push for a diagnostic lap,as the younger you are with a diagnosis the better for the future.


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