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Hi, it's nice to know what I'm going through doesn't make me crazy! Sub total hysterectomy a few months back and endo pain returning already

I had a sub total hysterectomy November last year and now take hrt daily. The hrt makes me feel foggy each morning and the endometriosis pain is already beginning to come back. Some days I feel so awful, I am waiting for the day where I wake up feeling refreshed from a nights sleep. Has anybody else been through this so soon after op. The constant did say that I was terribly stuck together due to the endometriosis but for it to be back so soon is gutting .

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I thought the addback therapy has estrogen in it? That could be what's flaring any remaining endo. It might be just enough to "awaken the sleeping beast".


Hi Tarley

Sorry to here your in pain, I had a total abdominal hysterectomy in October and they removed as much endo as they could, like you all my organ was tied up including appendix, which was removed my ovary was embedded in my bowel, a bit of a mess! . I've been in a lot of pain and discomfort far more. My original gynae referred me to an endometriosis credit surgeon who's done an MRI scan and picked up area of endo and adhesions, which I need to decide if I want removing. I'm taking a combined HRT which my benefits out way not taking it, but my GP is with me on we're just feeding the endo plus can't understand why combined but that's for the medic to sort out! I don't sleep very well since the operation, but I'm do take sleeping tablets, but at times I also have far my engery than ever before, I try to walk every day, its where I have least pain and the fresh air is great. Take cAre, hope you have a pain free day



Thank you for your replies, it feels better just to talk about it with people that can relate. I have to take tibolone each day but may have to look into new HRT as I don't feel it is the best one for me, back to the drawing board with that I guess x


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