Laparoscopy Worth It?

Hello ladies - hope you're all doing ok today? Feel like I'm never off here at the moment! I just wondered what everyone's experience with laps are? I'm still waiting on mine (to be diagnosed and for possible treatment) but one doc said that it can do more damage than good. The other doc though, said that if things are stuck together (they think my ovary is stuck to my pelvic wall) that they could maybe un stick/remove things and that I will hopefully feel better afterwards. Just wondered what other people's experiences were whether you had any relief afterwards

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  • I have had four in the last 2 yrs n they have all been beneficial as they have always removed cysts tht they have found n removed the endometriosis tht was possible t remove and unstuck my bladder bowel n ovaries n placed stent in my ureters as endo had damaged it. I would say they are really beneficial in my experience but they can make sacred tissue which endo sticks to so it's entirely upto u. I went for my 6-8 wk check after last lap on Tuesday t find out it is tht much of a mess inside and tht I now have adenmyosis aswell so have been booked in for hysterectomy. Good luck if can help anymore feel free to message me .

  • I had a my first lap in January and they treated some endo...more to do though. ..I was so glad to have it done as it gave me a definate diagnosis and proved to me that I am not going mad and that it was all in my head. Helped my husband to see that the pain is a real thing too and not just me overreacting. I also feel more informed now making future decisions for the drugs and surgery

  • Thanks for all your replies. I guess as Pinkgirl says, it will be a comfort to know that I'm not going mad. Maybe I'm being a bit realistic at coming off meds all together. I know diet etc can help, and will see what lap will come back with and if it helps at all. Thanks again everyone xxx

  • The thought of it is daunting but definitely worth it. I had my first lap last summer after years of progressively worse agony. My quality of life was minimal and now I feel I can live again. I was also given 6 months worth of the prostrap injection. Everyone is so different it is hard to advise but from personal experience it has had an amazing impact. Xx

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