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Endometriosis. Infertility. Prolactin

Hi. After trying to conceive for the past 6 years I visited my GP in 2011 I was referred for several blood tests and told I had high levels of prolactin and because of this I would never get pregnant. I was upset at this but was never told there was anything that could be done.

I have always suffered with painful periods and I often went to see my dr about this but he would fob me off telling I was hormonal. I changed my GP early 2013 because the pain was unbearable and would often make me sick. I questioned again about the prolactin and was advised I could take medication so the GP referred me to the endocrinology unit at the hospital where I was given meds. They also referred me to gynea and I had an ultra sound and told I had a 6cm cyst called endometrioma aka chocolate cyst.

I was givena date for a lap in Nov13, when I came round from the op. I asked if they had drained the cyst or removed it and was told they could not carry out the procedure because I was covered in severe endometriosis. I was advised to continue on zoladex injections to shrink the size of everything before they could carry out another operation. I had asked my dr if he thought I had endometriosis years ago but he told me the symptoms were not related. I knew I knew my own body!

I have then been given a date for another op but when I for me pre assessment the other day, the nurse told me I was having an oblation. I said oh am I? She was concerned the surgeon had not seen me or discussed it with me, she said there were no notes on my file and that she would like me to see him.

His secretary called me back the other day to say if I had an ablation I would not be able to conceive. Lucky I checked it out! I am now concerned about never being able to get pregnant and being in the hands of negligent medical staff. I feel alone and like no one understands. It would be nice to speak to anyone who has suffered with severe end and prolactin..?

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I have severe stage 4, huge cysts too, I have had 2 laps and had excision and tube removal, I also had a raised prolactin on 1,000, how high is yours? Between my laps I had 3 months on Prostap to get it under control.

I had ivf not long after, it failed but that wasn't related to the endo

Any questions I can help you with let me know x


Hi Lilly. Thanks for your reply.

My prolactin has been between 750 and 850. I'm on cabergoline for this. I was reading a thread the other day that says women who have endo are usually found to have high levels of prolactin. But I've never been told the 2 are related. Do you take medication for the prolactin?

Have your operations been successful?

I'm sorry that your IVF didn't work. I've not tried this yet. I don't even know if it will be an option. I just know things can be sole destroying at times. But you got to keep strong. I hate it when people say at least you have your health. They clearly don't know how painful the endo can be.

I've loved been on zoladex. Even though the side effects are horrendous. I've not been in pain or had a period for months. Before I was taking it I would have 1 week in every month where I was ok and the rest of the month was unbearable.

What is prostap? Also how old are you if you don't mind me asking. I'm 32! X


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