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I was diagnosed with endo in Sept 2010 at the age of 20. I've had a lot of problems with my consultant as she was ill with cancer, & has now passed away. It took the hospital nearly a year to get a new consultant and then a long back log of patients. After my op in 2010 I only seen my original consultant once. I finally got to see the new consultant in March 2013, was told I would be seen again in the May but again am having problems getting to be seen again. Me & my partner are desperate to start fertility treatment (have tried now for 5 yrs with no joy). My symptoms are becoming a lot worse & more painful & don't feel I'm getting any help or answers from my GP or hospital. Just wanted to see if any one has any advice for me?

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Unfortunately I dont gave any advice but I do know how you feel with not bring seem. I was supposed to see my gynae a month ago and she changed the appointment twice, I only wanted to go and tell her to discharge me as she wasn't helping, now I've got to wait to sew a new gynae and see if he can help. In regards to conceiving, I'm frustrated too and I've only been trying for 2 months. Its a ling process but you should have been put for fertility tests/treatment 3 years ago! I would make an appointment for every few days or if you have a walk in like I do then go everyday and just pester the doctor and keep going and saying the same thing eventually he/she will get fed up and give you an appointment with either that gynae you know or another one at another hospital.

Sorry I am not very helpful, just want you to know we're all getting messed about and getting fed up of everything.

Good luck with conceiving, sending lots and lots of baby dust!!

Leya :) xx


Thanks for the reply. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this . I just feel that no one cares. When I do go to my doctors and tell them how much pain I'm in they just say they won't prescribe strong pain killers as they are 'a bit drastic for period pains!' The fact I'm still waiting for an appointment is frustrating as I have been told I won't conceive without fertility treatment.

But I will try & keep on until someone helps :) x


Here's some good news I'm 27 been trying for 5 years also. Was put On zoladex last year for 6 months. HAD my last injection end of October. I'm pleased to announce im now 7 weeks pregnant x try that first x


If I ever get around to seeing my consultant again, I'll ask her about it.

Congrats on the pregnancy and I hope all goes well for you :) x


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