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Hi girlies

pain killers either don't help or make me sick. I get no pain free days, struggle to stand, walk, sit still! suggestions

Only diagnosed in Oct when cyst was removed, prostap inj 3 weeks ago, still no improvement. Life is almost on hold, so little I can do. Scared I'll start to feel sad, but its getting harder to be cheerful. Suggestions welcome xx

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I wonder if youu are one of the many for whom regular painkillers are ineffective - I posted an article from the Daily Mail about this recently.


Have a read and see your GP if this may apply to you.


Thank you, you are very well informed!

Codeine helps with pain but gives me a migraine and makes me sick, dizzy and unable to concentrate. Tramadol are even worse. Anti-inflammatories don't touch the pain. I have tried using anti-sickness tablets but was still sick. I am desperate for some relief, pain is horrible and I get no days off in cycle.


Hi Hope, sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I was only diagnosed in October myself and have gone through it all the last few months, some days I feel there is just no point in carrying on I'm in that much pain.

I, like you, also found co-codamol to be useless. Tramadol helps to ease the pain slightly but makes me violently ill, even anti-sickness tablets don't help. Have you tried mefanamic acid? That helped me to start with, but unfortunately now also makes me ill, but it may still be worth a shot if you can get this from your dr??

Good luck, hope you feel better soon!! Victoria xxx


The horrible dizziness etc that comes from opioids and opiates doesn't last forever, you do get used to it. Personally I would speak to your GP about liquid morphine or soluble tramadol - this way you can gradually increase the dose in very small increments to avoid the side effects.

I'd also recommend slow release tramadol or morphine as well as this gives you consistent pain relief with fewer side effects.

Hope the injection starts to help soon x


Thank you lovely girlies,

I saw the consultant again yesterday, have a new prescription .... declofenac I think. Also, have said that if I show no improvement in next 6 weeks a hysterectomy may be the best thing... I dont relish the thought of more surgery, but if it fixes everything then yay!!!! I'm actually 50 next month and have 3 gorgeous girlies so I have definitely finished with it :-) At the moment all I do is my job and bear minimum at home, so I feel grateful that there is an end in sight.