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Chrons disease and endometriosis

hi i have been suffering for over 2 years now with endometriosis thinking it was chrons disease the pain

The pain is horrendous very hard to come to terms with. No energy and extreme tiredness. all my husband seems to be worried about is sex. and how long he hasnt had it for. its driving me crazy. i start my first injection on the 19th of feb i hope it helps as emotionally i can no longer cope with skitty remarks being called frigid. As any one else experienced this kind of behaviour from there other half. And what did you do about it. Regards and thank you in anticipation..

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Hi my hubby has made remarks, he makes comments but gets to joke but I know he means it! I think when I drummed into him how much pain I was in. He suffered with upset stomach and his family have chrons and tummy issues so I reversed it and asked when he felt that bad I couldn't touch him! He still makes an odd comment but more that he's hopefully going to get some action soon and can wait as it's been over a year now. I've just had big op so need to recover first but Im worried this pain will never leave. So theres many of us that go without sex due to pain but making it clear you love him and you still fancy him may help. My hubby told me one night he thought maybe I just didn't fancy him anymore as couldn't understand why I wasn't interested. I suddenly realised I hadn't thought about how he felt but we talked a lot. I put his mind at rest and he understood that it's the pain not my choice that nothing happens. It is hard and he still comments but that's his not so subtle attempt at reminding me he's still hoping but I either ignore it or just say I hope I'll feel better soon! I don't know if any of that helps but I can understand how it feels so remember it's not your fault your. When you feel bad that'd be the last thing on your mind so you need to be honest and remind him if it was him who was I'll he wouldn't be in the mood either!!! Xx


Have you considered couple counselling? Unfortunately ,my marriage broke down over many years through just this issue.I also have other illnesses which have made me unable to function for 12 years.,I tried many times to talk with him,even wrote a letter explaining how much pain I was in,but he refused to have counselling -alas we are separated now.There are many ways of being intimate and expressing love,as well as many people in this world who are unable to have full sex.Perhaps you could suggest to him that you explore other ways,until you are feeling better and try to make him understand you are not rejecting him,that it is the extreme pain and this horrid illness that is the problem.Could you explain,just how much the pain is?I used to have to take heavy duty painkillers just to have sex and afterwards would be in agony for days after.Surely he wouldn't want to add to your suffering! If your guy really does care more about his needs,then he not worth sticking with.There was a really good post about intimacy and other ways to express love ,but afraid cant remember who wrote it,but perhaps search on forum.Hope you can find a way round this,as it is a problem not often talked about,but has a significant effect on our lives,if we have partners.

What injection you having?Hope it works-I found decapeptyl a miraculous drug and made a new woman of me!


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