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Help Please If You Can?

Hi im on my period and normally suffer from heave and painful periods but this time its real bad, i keep getting realy bad stabbing pains!

im getting stabbing pains in my in my lower abdominal and really strong burst of pain have an aching pain my lower back and are also getting very painful sharp pains in my lower left side a bit closer yo my groin area ! please Help if u have any ideas what it could be .

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Hiya, have you been to the doctor regarding your heavy painful periods? I suffered with them for years and kept going to the doctors to be told I was menopausal (male doctors). After having to keep taking time off work I went back and saw a female doctor who sent me for a scan - I have a vast bulk of fibriods, poylps and ovarian cysts. Bingo at last a reason for the awful pain. I have had a endo ablation earlier on in the year which has help with the blood loss but the pain is much worse. I am now on a course of Zoladex injections which I have to have once a month for 6 months preparing my womb for a hysterectomy. You must go back to your doctors, what you are experiencing is NOT normal. I am off work again at the moment as I am in awful pain and have been since Sunday. The Naproxen topped up with paracetamol does not help at all, Tramadol just makes me sleepy but at least I get some relief when asleep. Sorry if I have gone on a bit but I was so disgusted how I was treated by the doctors for years and I dont want anyone else going through the same thing. I hope you feel better soon.


Im not sure what it could be ive been getting this pain to im not on my period but I have irregular periods and it was due 8 days ago I cant seem to work out if the pains in my back or belly!


Hi, I have these exact pains which can give me back ache too along with hip and leg pains. Initially it was mainly stabbing pains any time from ovulation to the week after period but worse the week before period. Stabbing type pains seems to be a common symptom with endo although not for everyone. So it does sound like endo pains to me. The best relief for me is a hot water bottle or hot bath when it's affecting my back too as then the heat is all around you. Any heat on your tummy or bottom of back will heat your pelvis area. Codeine can sometimes help but not always. I hope you get some relief soon. X


thank you so much guys, i went to the doctors about my peroids and they put me on the nexplanon implant it reallly regulate and ease the pain a lot compared to how they was.


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