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Has anyone suffered from itching

I have had itching in my Pubic area and my lower abdomen also on my face ASAP chin and side of nose has chafed its colour as if pig mention I don't know if this is due to going through menopause or what I am 51 and had hstreactomy twelve weeks ago there is no kind of rash but it seems like ants walking on me also I have itching around my neck area ease let me know if someone else had it and what the solution is it's driving me mad

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Are you on HRT yet?

The symptoms you are describing also happen with the menopause drugs like Zoladex and Prostap etc.

Oestrogen deficiency is sometimes put down as the blame.

Also dehydration from the hot flushes. Make sure you are taking onboard extra fluids throughout the day, and you can try safe moisturisers (without any preservatives in) to keep the skin moisturised. There is also the matter of time of year too, central heating at home, work , in shops etc all adding to the drying of skin...not what you need right now.

The under the skin ants crawling everywhere thing is definitely a menopause side effects.

Not sure what could be done about that. Perhaps stimulating the skin by having a hot or cold bath might distract the 'ants'. I would get that for a few days then it would pass.

The dry chapped chaffed skin is something you can help with potions, gels, creams etc and drinking a bit more water.

I wish i could say there was a miracle cure for the crawling ants, but I never found one.


I to have been suffering from itching in the pubic area. Been suffering from this since I had my lap and started on zoladex. Its is so uncomfortable its unbelievable.Mine seseems to ease a little after a shower. I thought this was due to my pubic area being bruised during the surgery. Thank you impatient for answering that for me. Balvirdee I wish you all the best for your future health. Xx


cancan...did you have laser work to burn the endo by any chance?

If your itchy is confined to the one area rather than the all over that Balvirdee was talking about, it could be from the severe laser burns healing. Just like sunburn on the skin gets itchy as it starts peeling and healing with new skin, a similar process happens with the laser burns inside only you can't put anything on them to calm it down.

It does pass but can take weeks to calm down. I seem to remember mine was still noticeably itchy about 8 weeks after my op.

And my laser work was throughout the tummy so my itch from that was confind to everywhere below the diaphragm.

It is a different kind of itch to the menopause itch which is definitely a skin itch, or just under the skin and is everywhere.. scalp, neck, face, arms legs torso.... everywhere..

Laser itches are deeper inside and a very weird sensation and very much localised to the area that had the work done.

Eitherway regardless of the cause .... unless the itch is caused by a rash or allergic reaction to something, then I have no idea how to put a stop to it, other than to advise that it is not a permanent thing and it should calm down by itself eventually. It is very annoying though.


Thank u impatient it's is gud to hear it's not only me suffering , I have had no problems all my life but now as u hit the fifties it's one after another discolouration of skin in my chin and on the side of nose darker complexion people asking me if I have been on holiday I don't know if this is possibly due to menopause time

I think when starting to have period is not as stressful as this time

Anyone gone through these symptoms

Many thanks ladies for the response


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