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is decapeptyl wearing off already??

hi ladies! been about 6 -8 weeks since i last posted anything and thats because iv been feeling really well and have had loads energy to enjoy life!! :).. last 4 weeks have been pain free and amazing!! unfortunately 2 days ago the pain started again- 3 month injection is up round about now.. does this mean my pain will be back totally again now?! from other posts i thought i mightve got abit longer... im so scared of my periods returning because my pain seems to be returning much worse already! ..thanks. claire

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After Zoladex 4 months , I was back to square one as quickly as my body could start ovulating and give me a period. I was gutted. I had read the info that says average 5 months, but of course there are some of us who have super fertile bodies that bounce back in to business as soon as it can.

Half of us will be back to square one inside 5 months, and the other half take longeer than that.

As soon as you are back ovulating again you begin the cycle of growing menstrual tissue in the uterus and on the endo, and when it is time to bleed as a period the endo is wide awake and active again.

So you need to decide what you want to now do to stop the periods.

BC Pills, Mirena Coil etc.

As it has been a while it might be worth letting your body have the period that is coming up shortly and clean out the old lining which will be rather dark sludgy brown/black in colour and get that out of the way, then start the next steps to stopping the monthly hell.

Bets of Luck

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I was on zoladex for a very long time, and I had the injection every 10 weeks to overlap, to make sure my body did not start up giving me periods and it was great. Maybe you need to see your consultant and suggest you go on overlaps.

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