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DLA Appeal

Well I had the appeal yesterday. They changed my time and the person who was coming with me couldn't make it, the option I was given was turn up or the appeal will take place behind closed doors.

They were not interested in my mobility or medical issues (I was appealing this), they were only interested in

•If I came alone did I really need support

•could I clean myself after the loo

•could I cook a meal

•could I shop, clean and do household chores

•could I bathe

Having to wear pads became questionable and if during work hours I had an accident who could clean me - I got upset as I don't really want my friend to do this never mind someone I don't trust who I work with

Cooking was also a questionable activity, my friend cooks for me, portions it up and puts it in the freezer - I then put it in the microwave. They questioned could I take hot food out of the microwave, I said I have a towel in front of the microwave and I drag the micro plate with my food onto it and eat stood up. "So you can cook a meal", no that's not what I said "I can heat pre cooked food", "so you can cook a meal". We had the same two statements over and over again until I said that's not what I can do and they were putting words in my mouth.

Shopping - big stores "Will deliver" said the doctor on the panel. Everyday staples can be delivered via "your milk person". Cleaning - "you could get cheap enough cleaners to clean your home". Everything I said the doctor had an answer for.

Bathing - "you have a bath chair", "yes I answered", "so how do you wash your body?", "with difficulty as my arms and shoulders are poor", "but you can get into the water?", "yes", "so you can clean your body without help", "no that's not what I was saying".

The whole ordeal lasted 20 mins and then they said they couldn't give me a decision and they would write to me. I know I lost.

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They are horrible things to attend and when you are alone it is even worse as the panic sets in. I attend them regularly with my clients as part of my job and I have also attended 2 with my husband as he has chronic colitis. My bum cheeks tense when they start questioning my clients and try to catch them out. I do understand there are a lot of people out there who fake their illness but there are a lot of genuine cases out there. If they were put under pressure being questioned by three people I'm sure they would say something they didn't mean to or not say something they should have.

It also annoys me that in their eyes because people physically look okay then obviously they are okay and do not have a disability or any support needs!

Good luck and I'm hoping you do get it X.


If the decision is upheld you may have a case to appeal the tribunals decision on a point of law. Once you get the decision notice, and if it isn't favourable, request a statement of reasons. This needs to be done with 28 days. SoR should identify how the panel came to their decision. Take it along to your local CAB for advice on if you have a case to appeal to the Upper Tribunial.


Daunting! I'm just about to fill out a pip form for disability, so will no doubt have to jump through the same hoops as you, fingers crossed for you it all goes ok...x


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