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Suprecur Nasal spray


Has anyone any thoughts/experiences of Suprecur. I was given this by a registra who wanted to give me the menopause injection. I said I was very worried about having the injection incase it didn't suit me and I was stuck with the effects or rather side effects until it was out of my system. She said that Suprecur wasn't really a usual alternative because of the expense?!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Can't carry on like this any longer!


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Hi Julie

I cant offer any advice re Suprecur only to say that it works in the same way as having the menopause injections would by switching off your ovaries and hopefully relieving your endo symptoms. If you have a fear of injections then this would be a good alternative!

I can understand your reluctance to have the injections as I was just the same as you. However when I had tried all the other treatment options open to me <contraceptive pills, excision surgery, painkillers, Mirena coil> I only had the injections left to try.

I am happy to say I had good results with them and didnt have any unmanagable side-effects. You can ask for the injections to be done every 4 weeks rather than every 12 weeks and then the active ingredient <and possible side-effects> wont be in your system for as long?

Hopefully someone with experience of the nasal spray will be along soon.

Good luck with what you decide.

Caroline, x


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