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My Story

I'm a 20 year old and have been having my periods regularly since I was about 9 years old. My periods were mostly regular, every 4 weeks, but did have a few late and early ones over the years. I have always had period pain, cramp and about a 6 day period. Over the years though, my periods have slowly got more and more intense, painful and heavier. Over the last one and half years they have got worse more quickly and now it’s got to the point I need to do something serious about it. In late 2014, early 2015 things become pretty intense and the pain was so bad (I was doubled over and crying all night in pain), I ended up going into the hospital to be check the next day. After being checked at the hospital, they just said I had irritable bowel syndrome and sent me home. My periods only got worse, and in April of 2015 the doctors discovered an ovarian cyst on my left ovary. The pain continued and the intense periods, so I returned two months later for another ultrasound. The ovarian cyst had gone.

Since then my periods haven’t improved, they have continued to get worse.

Over the past five months now, I have been getting vaginal bleeding for a couple of days, between my periods. After the bleeding stopped, I go through a few days were I would get vaginal discharge. Then about 7-10 days before my period is due, I started to get period cramps as if I was getting my period. Then when my period did come, they were heavier and more painful than normal. This really got my worried the first time, so I monitored for a couple of months to see what happens. The same thing happening again and again. During my periods over these past few months, the pain was so intense I started to feel sick and lightheaded. I also get diarrhea and constipation around the time of my periods and during my periods. This has happened a lot more recently. Also urinating during my periods can be painful too and make its painful to go toilet. Sometimes after going toilet during my periods, I would get stomach cramps. Also my periods give me intense back pain and even pain into my hips and legs during my periods.

On the 6th September 2016 I visited Gynaecologist, Brad Chittenden (MBChB, MRCOG, FRANZCOG) at the Virtuoso Clinic (http://www.virtuosoclinic.co.nz/), and thanks to Brad, got excellent help and service. After a brief discussion and going through my history, he straight out said the I possibly have Endometriosis. He suggested I have a Laparoscopy to have a look, and if Endometriosis was visible, he would remove it and put a Mirena Coil in. Consent for surgery was signed that date, and surgery was three days later on the 9th September.

During surgery he discovered Stage 3 Endometriosis and possibly Adenomyosis, but because the disease as around my bowel, he didn't remove it. The reason being he wanted a Colorectal Surgeon to assist in this, as they specialize in this area. After documenting everything with photos, Brad discussed everything with me and had already spoken to a Colorectal Surgeon (Mark Omundsen), who also is located at the Virtuoso Clinic, to see if he would help with the procedure. Everything was agreed on and Surgery is set for Friday 4th November 2016.

At this present moment, I am still getting over the last surgery, the general anaesthesia and so on. I am looking forward to getting the next surgery over and done with, as this disease has slowly pulled me apart, physically and emotionally.

Everyone out there struggling with Endometriosis, i want to wish you all the very best and pray in hope that you may find relief.

God bless you