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Hi I have hay fewer since I moved in uk 11years ago and its stays with me all year around.I’ve been trying all sorts of medicine like nasal spray tablets eye drops Vaseline but nothing helps.gp keep give me tablets.what can I do??thanks.

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Have you had an allergy test to see what's causing your hayfever? Usually antihistamines should do the job, alongside symptomatic relief from nasal sprays and eye drops. What are your symptoms if you don't mind me asking. The best thing is to find the underlying cause in order to eliminate the problem or find a solution. 😊😊

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Hi MossAT I have a runny nose itchy eyes skin rush and I take piriteze but if I miss a day or to of them it goes really bad and I sneeze a lot.i hate it so much!


Ask your doctor for allergy testing or to refer you for allergy testing if they don't do it.


Thank you and I will.


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