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Ears Nose and Throat NHS doctor in Manchester


Hi all!

I am new here, so sorry in advance for any inconvenience.

I have an appointment in the ETA (Ears Nose and Throat) of the Trafford General Hospital in Manchester but I am not sure I will find the right doctor able to give me proper attention and treatment there.

Would you suggest me a well recommended ETA (Ears Nose and Throat) NHS doctor in Manchester???

Apparently, I am still able to switch my appointment to Altrincham General (Trafford Hospitals), or Wythenshawe (Manchester Foundation Trust) or Withington (Manchester Foundation Trust).

Any information on this will be much appreciated.


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what is the reason for this appointment, you need to have n open mind, write down all your questions and then write down all the answers. If you know your condition then you can Google to get some understanding!

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