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Allergic to unknown

Allergic to unknown

Hi, I'm in Romania staying with my boyfriend- it's my first time to the country and the day after I arrived I started to get what appeared to be bites all over my body, incredibley itchy and wide spread. I thought it was because I had been petting a dog who seemed to have fleas but every day more and more bites would appear, and I haven't noticed any Mosquitos and I've checked for bed bugs. It's now 10 days on and the bites (or what look like bites) keep appearing.

I've seen a dermatologist here and many pharmacists, the dermatologist gave me a strong Anthihistamine and some cream but nothing seems to work. She's suggested I take out some things from my diet, so I'm trying that but I don't get the impression that that's the problem. I am really itchy and fed up and could use some advise!!!

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Look like flea bites to me. Maybe you have on on your body still could be in your hair and it just comes out now and again for a nibble. Have you ever had them before? If not what have you eaten differently.?


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