Why is EFA's forum so quiet?

Many apologies if many of you have been disappointed by the lack of activity on the forum to date. Here are EFA's answers to this question:

1. I went on my summer holiday for two weeks and didn't tell you - sorry about that! We're just 4 in the office at our organisation and I am the only one posting for the moment. We still need to learn how to include interaction with patients on Health Unlocked in our routines.

2. We are off to a slow start here but the use of a public forum is uncharted waters for our organisation and over the summer we are looking to become more active with the community.

3. We do not offer professional medical advice. You will notice if you ask for what we interpret to be a consultation, we will not answer you unless we have our own experience as patients to relate. While we are not medical professionals but we DO encourage you to offer each other advice and support. :)

At the moment we're much more active on Twitter @EFA_Patients (https://twitter.com/EFA_Patients) and that is the focus of our social media right now. We're moving one (slow) step at a time, So EFA asks you all kindly for your patience, help and support while we move forwards!

Thanks!! :)


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