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Can a middle aged person develop a food intolerance?

I'm a middle aged man I've suffered with asthma and hay fever all my life so I'm pretty much aware of a lot of allergies etc. Most I can avoid although a few such as household dust I've learned to cope with.

But this one I find weird I'm not even sure it is a food intolerance or not. Over the last week or so I've had a terrible cramping and occasional bowel problems (no constipation ) I want to go but basically nothing there but air. There have also been no skin problems except maybe a little itchy on my back but that could be down to the asthma. I went to the Dr she diagnosed trapped wind which to be honest is what I thought it was too. But in the cold light of day when I thought about it and put a few things together I have second thoughts. Not that I'm doubting my Dr she could only work on the information I gave her.

In response to the warmer weather plus the fact my wife wants to lose weight before we go0 away in September. We've been eating a lot of salads, I love mayo and have been using it a lot more than ever in the last couple of weeks. When I think back I did suffer a little with a fragile stomach but not like it is now keeping me awake most of the night. So, this weekend I'm ditching the salads with the mayo (sighs) and trying something different and see how that goes. I was just wondering if anyone else has any ideas on how to follow this up. I was thinking of going back to the Dr and let her know after I'd tried this out and tackle things from there

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As an asthmatic and hayfever sufferer you could easily be allergic to raw fruit and veg. I reckon it could be the salad.

Try leaving out tomatoes and see. If that doesn't help leave out the carrots. and so on. It'd be better to get allergy tests done but you could find out pretty quickly what with it probably being something (or several things) in your salads.

Qualifications in this area LOL:

I'm allergic to most raw fruit and veg so is my Mum, and my sister can't eat certain raw fruit or veg so plenty of experience! My Mum got rashes and tummy ache from it but mine reacted in my throat and mouth.

My German allergy doc said these fruit and veg allergies are common in people who suffer badly from hayfever in reaction to certain types of pollen.


Hi meadowlark

Just something to consider: bought mayonnaise contains vinegar, which in turn contains yeast. Yeast intolerance can give you stomach cramps, bloating, intestinal gas amongst many other symptoms. Not advertising for them but I found the only sure way to find out was a York test (google it). Hope that helps.


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