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Fatty Liver Disease

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I was diagnosed two years ago with Ehlers Danlos, and just learned I have NALD—I rarely drink and have a relatively good diet. I asked this question to my local support group and around 1/4 of 20 responded they have it. EDS can affect any systems in multiple ways because connective tissue is throughout the entire body, functioning as the backdrop for our physical lives. . It might be anecdotal, but it appears there can be a correlation between EDS and fatty liver disease.

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Wow...thanks sooo much. EJ 😊🌿🌸🦋

Have you had your gallbladder taken out ? It also cause a fatty liver . It’s causes bile salt acid malabsorption which causes horrible bathroom problems and an inability to absorb fats well. Not sure how the liver gets fatty but everyone at bam (bile salt acid malabsorption) group talks about that a lot . It looks like a lot of people and that never drink either .

We need to be careful about base rates with this like that. World wide research has shown that the prevalence of NALD is about 25%. So it wouldn't be surprising if 1/4 of people in your group also had NALD.

Remember Hickam's dictum: Patients can have as many diseases as they damn well please.

Associations are not causations, so unless there was a mechanism whereby NALD could be caused by EDS, it is likely just an association. Additionally, I have not seen any research that shows there is an increased rate of NALD in EDS beyond the underlying prevalence.

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