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Suspected Ed’s gastro problems

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So I have been to the gps numerous times now

I do think it’s possible that I have Eds I’m not sure but I wondered if someone can help

Recently developed food intolerances

Wheat gluten dairy oats

Itchy skin


Panic attacks


Easily bruising (had recent bloods done all ok)

Lost weight

Joints creak and crack all the time

Jaw locks so I have to crack it to unfreeze it if that makes sense

Painful knee shoulder and ankle at times all right side worse in colder weather

Joints are slightly more flexible



Tooth decay

Also been to physio they scored me 5/9 on the Beighton scale but my knees are slightly flexible but not major

I just wondered if any of these are related or whether someone has been in my shoes


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Yes, they could all be related, but equally, there is something called Hickam's dictum: Patients can have as many diseases as they damn well please!

Have you and your GP looked at the RCGP EDS toolkit?

Working through that together might help you both decide what is going on and if you need to take a different approach to some things.

Good luck!

Hi, I have EDS and as a result TMJ. I have widespread joint pain and also have gastric issues, namely Gastroparesis, so it might be worth you getting tested. It's a gastric emptying study you myst have which involves nuclear medicine in either cornflakes or egg which you eat and then get x-rayed every few seconds to see how the food travels, or not! Hope this helps? If you have any Qs just ask.

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