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4 year old with constipation

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My daughter is 4 years old and has always had huge GI issues. She can eat a handful of foods only, gets pain almost every day and poos every 3 days. She is not on any medication. No dairy/gluten/eggs/nuts etc. The biggest problem is that with any new food introduction - minuscule amounts - her pain and constipation gets a lot worse to the point that we have to stop the food trial. Does this happen to anyone else - and do you have a diagnosis or any tips tohelp get passed this? Thank you!

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Hi, only one or two thoughts and you are probably doing them already, so I mention them just in case.

You mention gluten etc, but have you tried grain free. I found my reaction to corn was as bad as my wheat, but many use even more corn in GF food. Also important to pay attention to histamine levels in foods given mast cell involvement.

Peristalsis can be improved by moving the diaphragm (also important for liver and gall bladder function). Is your daughter breathing with her tummy, not her chest.

Magnesium - I use magnesium flakes (BetterYou) in a footbath or bath, or an oil spray, in the evenings (avoiding the GI/lack of absorption issue). Very calming as well as improving bowel movement and needed for so many enzyme reactions.

Hopefully someone will be able to offer you some more suggestions. Best wishes to you both.

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Thank you do much for your reply & advice:)

Hi Sonja777

My daughter has similar hEDS gastro problems, especially constipation. Sounds like you’re on the case diet wise, which is great.

Is your daughter on any medication? We have found that lots of over the counter medication like Calpol, Nurofen, vitamins and Antihistamines all seriously exacerbate her constipation. I always check the listed side effects now and if constipation is listed we avoid using it.

I hope things get better for her/you soon.

Thank you so much for your reply - it's such a rough road... No meds here. Hopefully we will get somewhere with her pediatrician next week.

It is tough watching them struggle, you can drive yourself nuts trying to work out the cause. Ultimately it might just be that she has a stretchy gut that doesn’t do peristalsis very well, which is not uncommon in hEDS. If the paediatrician offers you Movicol, take it, it’s fine to give her a little help.

Also, If the paediatrician you are seeing isn’t familiar with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders, make sure you find one who is.

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