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Alternative to Lidocaine Patch?


Hi all,

Wondering if anyone knows the name of or has any experience with any pain patch alternatives to Lidocaine please? I’ve tried these but it has no positive effect on pain and causes an allergic reaction. Lidocaine has never worked previously even in the dentist as a child I never “numbed”. I know this can be quite common with us but wondered if anyone knows an alternative type of pain patch? I’m absolutely desperate for even the slightest bit of relief.

Any help or advice MUCH appreciate, Thanks loads in advanced!

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cbd and thc pain patches. I use them to cut the sharp nerve and muscle spasm pains. Ived used the 24hour and 78 hour ones. The absolute best patch was a cbd and thc combined one because they work well together chemically. My friend who cut through 4 of his fingers helped recover his tissues and function and manage pain with them. He could tell when it worr off because it was like pins needles coming on.

You can just put a patch on the area or your wrist or ankle and forget about it. Liodcane patches only worked when i first got hurt. But they do nothing now. I tried the lidocane cream. And it seems a dud. Any strong hemp&arnica muscle balm with peppermint oil and eucalyptus reallllly helps me with my ribs subluxation pain for instant relief. But it is anti-inflammation medicine. So cant use during prolotherapy for example. Also Brolemine (pinapple root) every morning has helped my pain a little. Definitely with the joint swelling. Good luck! 🙏🙏🙏

Where do you get CBD and THC patches please? X

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