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How many times do I have get beat up


I went to ER Saturday. I have a rash on my legs , arms and back that feels like cigarette burns and my ribs were burning. I was so stressed out. Waited 2 1/2 hours before seen. Blood pressure 150/92. Pulse 104. When I finally seen dr he asked me when the last time I received pain meds. I thought he meant in the ER. I told him last October. Even volunteered urine sample for drug test. He ordered a chest xray which I knew was not gonna show anything. They never do. But, I went anyway. On the way down the hall the dr approached me with a piece of paper in front of everybody and said" what's this? Did you forget about the pain meds u got in july?" Well excuse me for having brain fog. I tried to explain to him that I did forget but it wasn't intentional. He called me a liar. He then followed me to xray. I was sitting in a wheelchair and he said" not only am I not treating ur pain, I'm not treating your rash either". I became emotional, started crying and volunteered to leave. I got up looking for my way out. I felt two people following me and it was two Male security guards. I put my arms up in the air and asked them not to touch me cause they could dislocate my joints. I turned to the right and my shoulder brushed one of the security guards and before I could press the emergency exit door, they cloathed lined me at my neck, rolled me over like calf at a rodeo, hand cuffed me, and snatched me up like a rag doll. They called the police after they put me in secure room. The police told me that the dr and security was not gonna file charges and they let me go home. 2 days later the one security guard my shoulder brushed took warrant out on me. They said I was cursing. I may have. I dont remember. I'm charged with simple assault, simple trespassing, and simple disruptive behavior in public. I had set in sheriff holding cell till I got 1000.00 secured bond. Never been in trouble in my life and now I have go court. Is there anyone out there that can post the types of treatment u have had. I need something to back me up on how this disease causes so much miscommunication. Thanks

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I have a brain fog and problems with recalling things all the time. I always appear to be inconsistent with what I say at the doctors. It's been over two years now of "ping-pong" from one specialist to another. I am so tired of it.

But one important thing is never display your anger towards the staff. Maybe they are not best trained and confuse people truly suffering with drug seekers, but it is not their fault the system is so rotten.

I wish all drugs were legal, so that drug seekers wouldn't clog the system and people really needing help wouldn't be suffering thanks to that.

But this needs all people to grow up, face the facts and be pragmatic!

Gee sorry to hear of your experience. I've also been abused by police. Once as a victim I ran from my partner, I had a small knife that I'd held at him to ward him off. He called police, they turned up with a dog and it attacked me. After being mauled by the dog I was put into an ambulance and taken to hospital for treatment. I was released without further problem....except for the traumatic stress on top of the mauling. Police should find out what's really going on before willfully harming an innocent party! No nothing happened to the police that abused me, nor the dog. No-one even said sorry.

I had a fall and was in agony, ambulance came and refused to give pain meds. Treated me like a junky. I begged for help but was specific that I couldn't take certain medications due to allergy. They continued to refuse all help. Finally they gave me methadone. While waiting for it to work I screamed in agony, when will it work, please, how much longer. The ambulance guy for the first time believed me and told me he'd given something for nausea but would now give the actual pain med. It was horrifying to be treated like a junky. What formed their opinion? What did they use to judge me by? I was a woman crying in agony with my two children present.... Seriously.

I'm just so sorry for your experience. My best advise with police is be extremely quietly spoken and compliant.... They've terrible track record so much of the time. Humans with power go stupid.

Country4eva in reply to Saassii

Thanks for sharing and im sorry for your experience

Hi Country 4eva 😊🌸🌿🦋

I’m sooo very sorry about your traumatic experience.

Since all of the evil attacks on the law enforcement have taken place they are so hyper vigilant now that they just instantly react to anything. I’m in the USA 🇺🇸 and over here more often than not something seemingly innocent will cause that overreaction and the person is shot and killed.

I’ve lost count. One time a 12 year old boy was waving a toy gun around in a park. Police were called and when the boy didn’t put the gun down he was shot to death. Nothing can ever make that acceptable.

So I really feel badly for you over your experience and sooo grateful that you weren’t killed.

I hope that will be the last encounter with the law for you.

Take care and best wishes.



I was sitting in a car in the parking lot of a bar late at night with a girl I had met that day, a friend of a friend. Several of us were going to a concert the next day, and she offered to pick me up, so she was taking me home to see where I lived. As she was backing out of her parking spot two guys jumped in the back seat and begged her to drive on. She of course slammed on the brakes and shouted at them to get out of her car. I started to exit the car to protect us, and walked right into a kick from one of the 12 people chasing these two (seriously, it turns out there were 12 of them). The first kick, which I didn’t see, knocked me to me knees and completely disoriented me. I had no idea what happened, because I knew neither of the two in the car had hit me. Then I saw the guy who did. He kicked me again, which I saw, and I ducked my forehead into the kick to protect my head. That knocked me out.

I had a crushed cheekbone and several minor cracks in my skull. I was out of commission for five months of recovery.

So sorry this happened to u

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