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Blood requests

Hi all, so the last lot of bloods my Rheumatologist ordered are considerably more extensive than before. I have had a positive ANA 1:160 up until June 2017 nucleolar pattern and am due for this lot to be taken next week. This time on top of the usual anti-nuclear antibody screen, C34 and anti dsDNA its got ENA and anti-cardiolipin antibodies as well. Never heard of the anti cardiolipin antibodies before, just wondered if anyone else has please.

Also, next to the clinical data on this request it looks like this: Raynauds? CTD

But the copy of his request back in August 2016 it says: Late onset Raynauds.

Any ideas what this might mean please?

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CTD means connective tissue disease - lupus, scleroderma, etc

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I can’t help you but I would also be interested to know exactly what your tests are for. I have been referred to a Rheumatologist twice in the last 10years or so because I have a high rheumatoid factor in blood tests. I had an ANA test done each time and was told it was ok but last visit (when I wax discharged) the consultant said he was sure he’d see me back again sometime - not sure what he meant by that. My daughter has hypermobilty syndrome (which rheumatologist said she probably inherited from me) and in recent years I have had various digestive tract problems and two consultants I have seen for that believe I have a connective tissue disease. My GP previously diagnosed me with Raynaud’s but I never had any tests or referral for that. I feel a bit in ‘no man’s/woman’s land’. Should I try to get a diagnosis of whatever CTD I might have, or just wait and see if I develop more problems? What blood tests can be done

I am not just interested for my own health but for that of my kids.

Thanks for any information.


You can request ANA bloods to be taken and ENA.


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