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Soft tissue formation...or not in this case

Hi all. I have a question for you and would appreciate your thoughts... The thing is I have had three joint replacements in my CMC joint of my thumb (where thumb meets wrist). Two metal ball and socket joints - both failed when they dislocated. hen the surgeon tried a bio-absorbable spacer thing which was supposed to work by having soft tissue grown onto the spacer which was then absorbed by my body leaving a cushion of soft tissue in the joint. Only it didn't; that thing absorbed without a shred of soft tissue forming . Last year my trapezium (next to CMC) joint replaced with a rubber doo-dah and that is taking a long time to settle and I have a nagging feeling this too has slipped. So, you can imagine my dilemma when it seems my surgeon is thinking of re doing the bio~absorbable thing or inserting the rubber thing. What troubles me most is: Did the soft tissue not form cos of the tissue issues of EDS/JHS? meaning it is pointless even considering that.... I need to get as much info as possible, based on knowledge, experience, theory. My surgeon is looking to do it again because my thumb has dropped and its very painful (I will be contacting Rheumy and my Ortho surgeon about the soft tissue and to check the left hand before proceeding...I am tempted to ask him to fuse it actually.. my mid thumbs are fused already so my hands are stubby claw like already) . Over to you good people . xx

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Hi kaleidobrain. I am sorry to hear you have had such a difficult time.. I am afraid I am unable to offer you any advice for your situation as I have no knowledge of what you describe. But I saw you had not yet had any reply, and I just wanted to let you know that you're being thought of and are not alone..I hope it all goes well for you and wish you all the very best x


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