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Feeling like baby kicks

I have this pressure in my right rib cage all the time since i fell face first on concrete sidewalk 2 months ago. I did not go to ER or DR as they tend to tune me out. Now i have a kicking sensation in my right outer ribs like a baby kicking from inside out. I googled my signs and symtoms and slipping rib sydrome came up. Anyone else experience this? Deep breath is uncomfy. Pain shooting through ribs and stomach.ahhhhh!!

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I know the feeling of being dismissed by doctors very well!!! I too have, and do experience this. However, I have no diagnosis so am unable to confirm your suspicion. I do agree with you that it is the likely cause. If you steel yourself to visit your GP, or minor injuries unit I would hope that they would be responsive? An alternative if finances are available would be to visit a chiropractor. As you are aware this is a typical problem for EDSers. Good Luck

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I am sorry to hear you are suffering..I lately have a strange sensation that causes me to suddenly, without warning lose my balance, but I have been lucky thus far and avoided serious accident..

I, like you am very reluctant to attend hospitals or Doctors with illness' these days, even debilitating symptoms, hoping they will just pass..But From what you describe, and the length of time you have felt the pain sensations, I would advise a visit to your Doctor or walk-in medical centre to get it checked out..

My daughter fell into a stair baby-gate a year ago. She had discomfort breathing and felt considerable pain.She had cracked a rib.There was nothing that could be done medically, but she had to adapt a different lifestyle to allow it to heal, and it was very slow..There can be complications from damaging ribs, and so it should always be investigated..My daughter still experiences the pain on occasion and particularly when she had a cold virus and was coughing recently.

I hope you will get this assessed, and that you will soon have one less pain and be feeling a lot better.

Very best wishes x


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