Joint hypermobility?

My physiotherapist and also a doctor at the Pain Clinic told me in passing that I have JHS. I have often thought I had but my joints aren't mobile, but I have a problems,with dislocation (I have dislocated 14 times), AF, had Ptosis, prolapsed bowel, severe joint pain, scoliosis, fatigue and practically all the other symptoms. I am also crippled with osteoarthritis. I am wondering if maybe I WAS hypermobile before the arthritis set in? Any ideas?

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  • Hiya.. I'm main issues are subluxation.. Although I have I few dislocated fingers..they move a joints lock and move the more as I get older..i didn't know I hypermobile until I had my daughter.. At Pelvic split ..i grew up with constant strains.. sprain..i was always the sickle moaning pretty sure my parents thought I was just a needy attention seeking middle child.. my spine is the worse.. Had issue since I was about ten..Osteoarthritis in spine neck feet ankles..thumbs.. hips shoulders elbows.. Although no mir until I was 30..i have had 4 since.. bone doc..said I had a neck of 65 year old..aye cheers I can breath and move parts out slightly.. Lol..But my party trick movement have long gone..I'm stiffing up which my rhummie told me was normal as u get older.. But my stiffness is most people normal.. Lol.i..ts the constant pain and other medical issues I struggle with ...but What rhummie also said is that xray can sometimes show up damage and bone shape that you see in eds.. Hope this helps a bit

  • Hi Cp,

    yes, that is a strong possibility. Also, you may be hypermobile in just a few joints, which you may not have noticed, such as your neck or knees. I didn't even know I was hypermobile until I was in my 30s - my parents didn't know, my school friends hadn't twigged; I simply didn't realise that how far I could bend some of my joints was unusual.

    Bear in mind that hypermobility is just one of the symptoms of JHS/EDS, and although it is the red flag symptom, age and arthritis will disguise it.

    I have been told that in old age (when does that start these days?) I should begin to stiffen up, which is something to really look forward to, as it may lessen the overall pain burden!

  • Hi Hay 66

    You've made me feel better, I thought all of this was in my head. My arthritis has has kicked in on all my danaged joints so now they don't work at all. I have is is my hips, knees, toes, spine ,hands and neck. I'm definitely t remained to get moving again and hope to start Pilates as there is an instructor nearby that deals specifically with back injuries. It won't be yet as I am laid up at the moment with cellulitis

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