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Edd in children

Hi everyone. Just wanting a bit of info of this condition in children. My son is nearly 3 and he was born at 34 weeks. His main symptoms are flat feet, his skin feels like jelly,pale and can see all his vains, very fine fair hair, bruises easily. We are under the genric team but they said they wouldnt be able to fully diagnose till he is 5. Is any one else going through the same thing or have the same symptoms

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This sounds the same description as my eldest son, He is now 22 and does have EDS.

Myself and my children have all been diagnosed one way or another from HMS - EDS.

I have found the best way is to slightly alter the lifestyle and diet and his quality of life will improve, 3 of my children are sporty, with 2 being involved in Karate and 1/2 doing swimming.

My daughter is the worst effected, She has bunions, lordosis, scoliosis, sublaxations, streach marks, scars etc. The list are endless, However not one of my children or myself now take medication. We all decided to try alternatives and this changed everything for us, We are now in control of our condition, I use a wheelchair and crutches but at least I am no longer bed bound.

I have posted previously about remedies please check old posts.

Good luck


Thank you. Will have a look at your posts. I wont give him medication as worry about the long term effects on his body. Hes always walking around and he loves dancing. I take him swimming as takes the weight off his joints.

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My daughters twin brother did dance for a while but had quite a few injuries with his hips, The physio recommended the Karate and swimming but not dance however the GP preferred Dance and swimming. My son gave up dance and focused on swimming he is now in squad and has not been injured in a long time.

Take care :)

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