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My husband has a severe form of EDS and has suffered through 30 years of extreme agony. He just can't take anymore, and now money worries are adding to his stress which makes things 100 times worse (if that is even possible). Every joint is affected and even some of his organs and now he feels like he has to get a job for our family's sake. We feel damned, doctors can't help, now what?

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Sorry to hear that. It's not fair being ill then money worries. Could he claim any benefits perhaps? Hope you manage to find a solution. X


That's so hard. Could he get a sitting down job, where he can get up whenever he needs to? Office job like mine. I used to be a nurse, there's no way I could walk that much anymore. My job now involves typing all day, wearing various splints, and I can move around as needed. Meetings can sometimes be hard though. There is Access to Work that can sometimes help, buying equipment to help manage tasks. Hope this helps. It's so horrible to be so stressed on top of constant pain.


Thanks guys. It's nice to know that there are people out there that care.


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