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excessive bruising?

I know that bruising easily is something all us EDSH/HMS people have to deal with but what about when we have to have a needle put into a vein? Every single time I need a cannula I end up with a black bruise covering the back of my hand or inner elbow. I had to have a cannula for morphine last monday and my hand is still grey/green and really painful. It happens every time and I only need to tap myself on anything and I get massive bruises. Does this happen to all HMS people or only some?

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I find it tends to relate to how I am positioned when they place the needle in the vein (if I am sitting I wind up with a larger bruise than if I am laying down?....) but yes I do bruise easily. I have 2 young girls who love to play with mummy & my legs are constantly smothered with bruises from the 'rough & tumble' play (GP says I should avoid contact sports, lol). If you have any lavender oil it can help reduce/heal bruising faster. Xx


I get a lot of bruising,but my daughter gets big massives bruises,she has thrombocytopenia though as well as ehlerdanlos syndrome. the thrombocytopenia is not severe enough though to cause such bad bruising,its a good job its been on her medical notes from early childhood as medical staff have been a bit suspicous until they see the notes.they are painful,and get worse now at certain times now she is a teenager.


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