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Hms but may have pots

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How do you become tested for pots? After a few people suggest I may have it after discribing my aches and pains on a fb hms/eds page. I agree with some of their suggestions, however, drs are not doing anything re, hms so, how do I get them to listen? If there is reason to believe I may have something else, and, or too.

5 Replies
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Theres a STARS community on here who would know more about POTS testing.

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angie610 in reply to trekster22

Thank you, I will take a look.

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trekster22 in reply to angie610

NP :-)

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At the specialist clinic in London they check the spike in your pulse on going from laid to standing and if there's anything suspect there is the tilt table test

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Thanks, hope I get to go one day.

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